How to use

How to use


Add about 10g (1 soup spoon) chia seeds to water or juice, stir occasionally to avoid clumping, wait about 10 minutes and drink the gel seeds.  Recommended daily usage: 10-20 grams chia seeds.

Or simply sprinkle the flavourless chia seeds on salads, cereal, ice-cream or yoghurt, or any other foods you like to try.

To make chia gel, mix 1 part of chia seeds to 9 parts of water, whilst let stand about 10 minutes, whisk again and place in an air tight container (or spring water bottle) and refrigerate.  Mix the gel with other drink or foods any time you like to have.  Gel will keep up to 2 weeks.


Benefits of using Chia seeds include:

-      Boost Energy levels;

-      Powerful Anti-inflammatory;

-      Assist with conditions of Irritable Bowel syndrome and Constipation;

-      Lower Blood Pressure and bad Cholesterol(LDL’s);

-      Powerful in aiding Weight Loss;

-      Antioxidants, help protect against free radicals

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